Become a Franchise

The Franchise

A place with the latest releases of games and consoles, Hi-end PC, Virtual Reality Stations, Music Stations, Racing Simulators, a pub with excellent snacks, foods and drinks, big-screen streaming championships, and a Shop where partners can sell their products.

The Mini Club

24㎡ | Area: 3m X 8m

Equipped with Virtual Reality Stations and cockpit for Racing Simulators. Its sizewas developedto fit in small places, like events or mall`s aisle. Been in a wide-open space, helps to promote the brand to passers-by even if they don`t stop at the CLUB!

The Compact Club

64㎡ | Area: 8m X 8m

The Compact Clubs are like kiosks, equipped with some consoles, VR Stations, and the Cockpit for Racing Simulator, where gamers cand spend their time. It`s the best place to display partners`brand in malls, shows, or events, due to the absence of walls, helping to advertise products, gadgets, and events to passers-by.

The Standard Club

250㎡ | Area: 12,5m X 12m

This Club will be equipped with Hi-end PC, Next-gen Consoles, Virtual Reality Stations, Cockpit for racing simulators. It is bigger than the previous models, allowing more gamers simultaneously, capacity for a SHOP, and availability for partners to customize an area in the CLUB for the brand.

The Premium Club

500㎡ | Area: 20m X 25m

The Ultimate CLUB, where gamers can spend all day playing, eating, drinking, organize and compete in championship, watch some esports, participate workshops and events. A great place to enjoy the latest games, Consoles, Hi-end hardware, VR-stations, Music stations, and Racing Simulators. Like the Standard Club, partners can have their area in the club to promote the brand, sell products, organize events or workshops. In this model of Franchise, our members will be in contact with your products all day, helping to develop trust in your brand!

Be a Franchisee

Profile and implementation process

The most important thing is to have availability to manage the business. Mundo Gamer offers everything to help you in this accomplishment, from consulting to training, without the need to have experience in language teaching or specific higher education.

See how it is step by step for you to become a franchisee:


Registration and documentation

After sending personal data and copy of documents, our Franchising team schedules a meeting to align business expectations and direct you to the market.


Business and contract analysis

The analysis of feasibility, market potential and the chosen commercial point is performed by departments that will act in partnership with the franchise and, after approval, the contract.


Training and implementation

After signing the contract, the new franchisee and his team receive full advice from the franchisor, with support and the necessary training to inaugurate and start the franchise operation.

Interest form

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