About Us

In 2014 the number of active gamers was almost 1.82 billion, for 2021 is expected to be over 2.7 billion. China, the U.S.A., Japan, South Korea, and Germany are on the top 5 game s markets based on their revenues. Together they made over 100 billion dollars, excluding hardware sales, tax, B2B services, betting, and online gambling.

So we at MUNDO GAMER NETWORK, as gamers and seeing the growth of this market, decided to build a place for all types of gamers, where they can experience the top games of the moment, organize or compete in various game championships and test the top gadgets from the game market while enjoying drinks and foods.


Mundo Gamer Club

According to research done by Newzoo, today gamers are divided into 8 personas. With profiles ranging from hardcore gamers, enthusiasts, casuals, time-fillers and even those who like to watch a tournament or gameplay. We are aiming to build a place where everyone can enjoy it. Smaller Clubs are excellent for those who just kill some time, while the bigger is great for gathering friends and spend all day playing, eating and having fun! You can learn more about the sizes bellow.

What are the benefits for our partners?


Brand recognition! Players will be exposed to it all the time, directly or indirectly, by using your product, or through an advertisement, a promoted event, or having a personalized area inside the CLUB!


A place with the latest releases of games and consoles, Hi-end PC, Virtual Reality Stations, Music Stations, Racing Simulators, a pub with excellent snacks, foods and drinks, big-screen streaming championships, and a Shop where partners can sell their products.


The Mundo Gamer Club is the official meeting point for Gamers. Distributed in physical franchise format, our clubs provide members with access to various types of entertainment. Here you can play the top games of the moment, organize or compete in various game championships, and test the top gadgets from the game market.

Business models

Mini Club, Compact Club, Standard Club, Premium Club

Mini Club: Equipped with Virtual Reality Stations and cockpit for Racing Simulators. Its sizewas developedto fit in small places, like events or mall`s aisle. Been in a wide-open space, helps to promote the brand to passers-by even if they don`t stop at the CLUB!

Compact Club: The Compact Clubs are like kiosks, equipped with some consoles, VR Stations, and the Cockpit for Racing Simulator, where gamers cand spend their time. It`s the best place to display partners`brand in malls, shows, or events, due to the absence of walls, helping to advertise products, gadgets, and events to passers-by.

Standard Club: This Club will be equipped with Hi-end PC, Next-gen Consoles, Virtual Reality Stations, Cockpit for racing simulators. It is bigger than the previous models, allowing more gamers simultaneously, capacity for a SHOP, and availability for partners to customize an area in the CLUB for the brand.

Premium Club: The Ultimate CLUB, where gamers can spend all day playing, eating, drinking, organize and compete in championship, watch some esports, participate workshops and events. A great place to enjoy the latest games, Consoles, Hi-end hardware, VR-stations, Music stations, and Racing Simulators. Like the Standard Club, partners can have their area in the club to promote the brand, sell products, organize events or workshops. In this model of Franchise, our members will be in contact with your products all day, helping to develop trust in your brand!